Professional Services

Song Critique

song critique image

My opinion on your track's composition, arrangment, sonics, theory, mixing and master.

Additionally, I can host a 60 minute Zoom consultation where I will further explain what I hear in your music and assist you in fixing any details that you wish to focus on.

Song Mix & Master

song mix and master image

Full mix and master of your song, including three revisions.

Deliverable files include the main mix, a clean version,a TV track, an instrumental track, and a capella, and audio stems.

Production Session

music production session image

For those that want 1on1 help and instruction, I will meet with you in person or virtually and assist you with any aspect of your music.

All of your original audio and any ideas that we create will remain solely your property. This is a consultation, not a collaboration.

Whitelabel Production

whitelabel song production image

The prodution of a white-label, commerically ready audio work.

I will write the original music, coordinate the vocalist, recording all sessions, and mix and master the final track.

Event DJ

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Private DJ for corporate, charity, social and celebratory events.