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Artist Split Sheet

free artist agreement and split sheet

Studio Gear Info Pack

free studio gear info pack

Digital Audio Routing Map

free digital audio routing map

Ableton Live Templates

ableton personal production template

Personal Production Template
(Ableton Live 10)

My peronsal Ableton Live 10 music production template complete with digital audio routing and bussing, as well as FX processing chains and pre-loaded samples. This is the default session that I use to start all of my new ideas.

Hip Hop Production Template
(Ableton Live 10)

An Ableton Live 10 session template for mixing Hip Hop. Complete with audio stems, FX processing and digital audio routing. I have also included the master bounce to allow you to change the FX settings and compare them to the original production.

ableton hip hop production template

Pro Tools Templates

pro tools personal mixing template

Personal Mixing Template
(Pro Tools 18.12)

My personal Pro Tools mixing template complete with I/O settings, digital audio routing, bussin and FX processing chains. This is the default template that I use when mixing music for clients.

Dance Music Mixing Template
(Pro Tools 18.12)

A Pro Tools session template complete with audio stems, FX processing, bus routing and I/O settings. In this session, you can see how I process the audio using various plugins, audio and auxiliary tracks, track sends and I/O busses.

pro tools dance music mixing template